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Feast of Tabernacles VA 2018

Do you have the heart to come join us in the dance?

You personally have a special and divine invitation from YHVH, Creator of the Universe, to come meet with Him this Sukkot (yes we are penciled in on His day planner). He desires (even commands) us to come chagag with Him (Lev 23:39-40, Ex 12:14, Ex 23:14). Zech. 14:16 also tells us of a time we will "chagag" with Him in the future.

Chagag (Strong’s # H2287), a prim. root [comp.H2283,H2328; prop. to move in a circle, i.e.(spec.) to march in a sacred procession, to observe a festival; by impl. to be giddy:--celebrate, dance(keep, hold) a (solemn)feast (holiday), reel to and fro.

So one of the ways He allows us to be before Him and to be with Him at this very important time is through Hebraic circle dancing (chagag). Dancing at the Feast allows those who enter in to worship Him, praise Him, and come into a very special and intimate relationship with Him. When joined as a group together in harmony and unity, one can experience the Spirit drawing us closer to each other and most importantly to Him.

This year at fotVA 2018 we will offer several opportunities for Hebraic dancing. We will have congregational dancing (including daily instructional teachings/reviews before each service), various presentation dances (1st Day, Sabbath, children, teens and men) as well as several evening classes. So whether you desire to participate or enjoy watching others in this special offering, we hope you will come with us as one mighty army and join in the dance to worship The Almighty with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27).