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Feast of Tabernacles VA 2018

Downloadable App for Iphone/iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows 8 tablets

House of David Fellowship, your host for this celebration, will be providing an app that will run on most all smart devices where you can manage your entire feast experience.

  • The Main Activity Schedule
  • Your own Activity Schedule that you can create on your device
  • Speaker Information including when they are speaking and what they are speaking on (if available)
  • Access to the audio recordings of the messages on the day they are given (later in that day)
  • Sponsors (financiallly speaking)
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Exhibitors
  • Hotels
  • Historical Sites including the Virginia Holocaust Museum
  • Transportation options
  • Access to the series "The Marriage Myths" by Julie Aydlotte
  • Videos of dances that will be in our Praise and Worship sessions
  • And more...

You'll be sent an email once you have completed your registration and once the app has been published.