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The Market Place

Deuteronomy 14:26

And you may spend the money for whatever your heart desires, for oxen, or sheep, or wine, or strong drink, or whatever your heart desires; and there you shall eat in the presence of יהוה your Elohim and rejoice, you and your household.”

Hebrew people who lived a distance from Jerusalem were instructed to sell the tithes of their land and the firstlings of their flocks, then when they arrived in Jerusalem, use the proceeds to purchase sacrificial animals, food, drink, and the other things they would need to enjoy the festival. Part of their festival experience would have included visiting the various bazaars and shops surrounding the Temple and along the Jerusalem streets.

At fotVA, we try to mimic that experience by offering a place where you are able to purchase 'Scripturally-based' items you might not find in your local community. We call it 'the Marketplace'. We know that many who are new to this walk are looking for all the information they can find about anything 'Hebraic'-- things like Bibles, Bible 'helps' (concordances, interlinear Bibles, lexicons, software, etc.), maps, calendars, music CD's, and books. In addition, you may want to purchase tzit-tzit, tallits, or various types of middle-eastern clothing or jewelry. Many of these things can be found in the Marketplace.

But the main purpose for the Marketplace is to give you an opportunity to visit with the various fotVA speakers, many of whom have their own ministry and have resources of their own that might enhance your 'Hebraic' walk. The Marketplace is where you can discover the background of their ministry; where they're from; how to get in contact with them for further studies; and how to obtain their books, CD's, and DVD's.

How to Obtain a Table in the Marketplace

The fotVA Marketplace is not intended to be a store, but rather a place where one may find various resources that will enhance their 'Hebraic' walk. Thus we limit the items that may be sold to those that are considered "Judaica" or have a Biblical connotation. If there is room, we will sometimes permit certain health-related items to be sold as well. In order to avoid confusion, we will not allow items to be sold that are in opposition to the basic tenets of the founders of fotVA.

Space in the Marketplace is provided on a first come – first serve basis with preference given as follows: Speakers, Sponsors, Leaders.

Before you request a table, you must have:

  • Already have completed your registration to attend fotVA in the current year.
  • Agree to abide by our content policy as stated above. If you have questions about something you'd like to sell, please ask us.
  • Agree to not set up, maintain, or take down your table on the Sabbath or the Holy Days (sundown times are listed on the Activity Schedule).
  • Agree to man (you or a friend) your table at least 75% of the time the Marketplace is open (certain exceptions are allowed. Please contact the Marketplace coordinator.)
  • Agree to close your table and vacate the room within 5 minutes of the scheduled closing time.
  • Agree to take down and remove your items, props, and equipment from the resource room by 9:30 PM on the evening after the last day of the festival.
  • Agree that the display and/or sale of any material is subject to the approval of the organizers of the fotVA festival site.

If you would like a table in the Marketplace, you should contact Lee Miller (Lee.fotVA@gmail.com) after you have registered to attend fotVA. The cost is $30.00. When you've made your request, your name will be put on a list, and you will be notified as to whether you will be offered a table at least 60 days before the festival begins.