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Feast of Tabernacles VA 2018

Just about every evening, a number of people will come together for a 'Midrash'. Here at fotVA, we plan on having one during most of the evenings, (and two, if the teens want one for themselves). Details for that evening can be found on the Activity Schedule that will be located in the main Hall each day of the feast. You will also be able to find this out using the Feast App.

If it is possible, the speaker for that day will be available to answer more questions about the presentation they gave. Of course, if there are no more questions related to the presentation, people can ask questions of the speaker about other things like for example, something else that speaker has said or taught on.

If the speaker is not available for a midrash that evening, then an open midrash will take place. If someone has a question or wants to explore a certain topic, the “Zoo Keeper” helps to maintain some order and makes sure that those who have something to say receive the floor so that they can speak.

Though not highly organized, these midrashes are never-the-less not a free-for-all. There will be just enough organization to keep things moving. There are no 'off limits' topics, but we expect everyone to be considerate of those who are new to the Hebraic walk. Remember, conformity to "your" doctrine is not the goal but a furthering of the discussion on topics that are challenging. Come with your Bibles, computers, and topics and have a lively debate!