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The Teen's Program

Feast of Tabernacles VA 2018

While entering in with great Praise and Worship, hearing great teaching, or eating and drinking with old friends or new believers in the walk, the Feast of Tabernacles is a wonderful time to meet up with other families from around the state (and country); this applies to the teens too. At the feast where I attended the last 15 years, teens have indicated in the annual Teen Survey that meeting and making new friends in the faith is the best part of the Teen Program! For those of us who are returning to “The Way” (Acts 24:14), the Feast of Tabernacles is also about making new friendships and building long lasting relationships. Here at fotVA, we believe that it is important to provide activities that will challenge the young people to build healthy and wholesome relationships not only with their peers, but with their God.

Check out their video project from 2017

In 2017, the teens did a video project called “The Pack and Run Messenger Pack” commercial.

Here is the link

This project was completely filmed and produced by the teens themselves. AWESOME!

What We Are Looking For

There are some fun activities already available in the campground. It would be great to put together a program where they could play, dance, midrash, sing, and even show off their talents. We would also like to have a time where they can “Focus” on the messages that have been shared, bouncing ideas off of one another.

The Program is for teens ages 13-20.

If you think that this might be something you would like to participate in, please note this when you register.