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100% Volunteers

fotVA is staffed 100% by volunteers. All of us have our own jobs and do what we do here as a service. What you see and enjoy when you arrive at the festival - the stage, the sound system, the children's program, the chair and decoration setup, and everything else - represents hundreds of hours of time dedicated to this festival by people who were willing to give of his or her time, sometimes arriving days before the festival, so you could gain the most from its celebration.

Year to Year

Every year our "crew" changes. Some who helped out in years past may be attending the festival elsewhere this year, or they may be unable to fulfill the same responsibility this year because of health reasons. Some people want to give up one responsibility so they can take on another. Thus, we are always looking for volunteers in every area. It's our hope to always have someone in training so that they might take over the responsibility the next year.

The Importance of a Leader

Below, on this page, you will find a list of most of the areas where we need leaders, assistant to the leaders, and helpers/participants. For a program to actually come into existence, someone must decide to serve as the leader. To lead in a responsibility does not require that you know everything about a specific task. All that's required is a willingness to take on the responsibility, secure some help (we'll help you with that), and plan how you intend to get the job done. We will provide drawings and diagrams, tools, utensils, and supplies. For those of you who don't want the responsibility of leadership, but are responsible enough to be where you say you will be at an appointed time, by volunteering early we're able to put you in a crew and make that crew leader's job easier.

Areas of Service/Programs

  • Blessing the Children
  • Initial Auditorium Decorations
  • Initial Auditorium Seating Setup
  • Initial Sound System and Projector Setup
  • On Site Registration
  • Shofars
  • Praise and Worship Players
  • Praise and Worship Singers
  • Praise and Worship Dancers
  • Special Presentation Dancers
  • Men's Dance
  • Praise and Worship Signers
  • Praise and Worship Flagers
  • Praise and Worship Audio Engineering
  • Praise and Worship Video Camera
  • Deuteronomy Reading
  • Morning Group Prayer
  • Daily Main Hall Chair Management
  • Singles Program
  • Children's Program
  • Teen's Program
  • Teen Dance
  • Hamburger Social
  • Fun Show
  • Family Day/Sports Day
  • Coffee and Tea Service
  • Break-Out Session Speakers
  • Break-Out Session Recordings
  • Marketplace
  • Israeli Night Dinner
  • Midrash Zoo Keeper
  • Security

Making Friends

Though the Hebraic way is growing, one of the problems with it is that there are so few in it now that most people find they have so few like-minded friends. Here's a way to help solve that problem.

Getting to Know You...

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to work alongside them. During my 15 years being a part of a large festival west of the Mississippi, I’ve met hundreds of people, but the ones I remember the most are the ones who I worked with during those feasts.

'Relationship Building' Opportunities

Many of the tasks at fotVA are such that you will be working alongside someone else or as a team with a number of others. Unlike our back-home jobs, these tasks allow for a lot of conversation and sharing. Take advantage of one or more of the many 'relationship building' opportunities by volunteering to help at the festival. You'll make lifelong friends in the process.